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This product is for membership renewals only

Memberships that have expired more than 12 months ago will need to apply for a new membership

New membership applications are located here

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As part of your membership to the Tweed Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc, applicants are provided a Chamber Alliance membership to the NSW Business Chamber. You must accept the membership declaration (below) before your application can be processed.

NSW Business Chamber membership declaration

I, being the Applicant (or authorised by the Applicant) hereby apply for the Local Chamber Limited Membership of NSW Business Chamber (“NSWBC”) as part of the Alliance with the Tweed Chamber, and agree to be bound by the NSWBC constitution and terms and conditions as amended from time to time and available on the NSWBC website at www.nswbusinesschamber.com.au/termsandconditions

The additional membership benefits from the NSW Business Chamber are free of charge and form part of my financial membership with the Tweed Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. I acknowledge and agree that our NSWBC membership benefits and entitlements are as set out in the Tweed Chamber Member benefits list accompanying this application. I understand and agree that our Free of Charge Alliance membership of the NSWBC is for a period of 12 months and the renewal of our membership for further periods of 12 months each is subject to our Local Chamber renewing the Local Chamber Alliance Agreement with NSWBC each year and our business continuing to be a member of our Local Chamber.

I understand and agree that our NSWBC membership benefits and entitlements may vary by agreement between the NSWBC and our Local Chamber

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As part of the benefits, offered by the Tweed Chamber of Commerce, your business details will be placed onto the Tweed Chamber website within the Member’s Directory and your business logo will be displayed at select Tweed Chamber events.

The information collected from this application will be used to disseminate the Chamber’s correspondence, e.g. minutes of meetings, agendas, notification of events, & listing on this website.

A tax invoice/receipt will be sent to you upon approval of your application and clearance of funds.

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