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Pioneer Country is a 5th generation cattle property on 200 acres of picturesque farmland.

The Sullivan family have also been in hospitality since 1978 when we opened the Smokehouse barn style restaurant and we have been a dedicated function centre since the 1990s.

The Sullivan family sure know how to host a great party.

The Island Style Chapel

Our island style chapel with a steep pitched roof and open lattice walls can comfortably seat 120 people on antique church pews. The lattice side walls open outwards to provide viewing for up to 300 peeps.

Barn Style Restaurant

The dining hall was purpose built as a restaurant and with full restaurant amenities and creature comforts such as plumbing (think about it). Although purpose built as a restaurant, the structure does looks like a 100 year old barn. In fact, the solid wood beams are over 100 years old and were up-cycled from a defunct, local milk factory.
We often joke that we are so “old school’ and that the world has gone full circle that that we are once again “on trend”, “retro” and “hard core hipster”. Either way, you will love our  punkka fans (old style cooling system), wood burning fireplaces and snippets of authentic Australian heritage (every piece has a story to tell).


Pioneer Country has SPACE. Space to park, space for lawn parties and games, space to dance, space with views and space for you to personalise your wedding day.
We only host one event at any one time, so all this SPACE is exclusively yours. Therefore there is NO need to share your special day with other random party makers, cafe goers, poker machine players or walk ins.

Contact Information
Phone: 07 5524 2632