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At 2020 Business Consulting we work with Small and Medium Business Owners to achieve their personal goals, business goals and achieve the future they have worked so hard for. We do this through a mixture of coaching and consulting.

We work with the Owner to clarify/confirm Purpose, Mission and Values of the business and ensure the business is aligned with these. Using various frameworks we help the Owner understand the stage of business growth he is currently in and what that means in terms of what is required to achieve his business goals. Depending on the particular issues within the business, we coach the Owner on strategies to address these issues

From a Consulting perspective, we can:

  • Help develop/update strategic plan and current operational plan
  • Review and advise on organisation structure and how it supports the strategic plan and goals
  • Review and advise on sales & marketing strategy
  • Review and advise on annual budget process, monthly reporting, cashflow forecasting to support better decision making
  • Advise on management reporting systems
  • Help define/amend business KPI's and performance metrics, compare with industry best practice
  • Review and advise on HR matters, including:
    • alignment of incentive schemes to strategic plan and KPI's
    • contracts
    • hiring process
    • performance review process
  • Perform a strategic review of spending in order to find areas for cost cutting to restore profitability
  • Succession/Exit planning
  • Asset protection
Contact Information
Phone: 0466 046 065