EWS Termination and Redundancy Member Seminar – Brisbane

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We are often asked for advice on how to manage termination and redundancies. This seminar is designed to help answer some of your questions and provide a practical understanding of the process and risks associated with Termination and Redundancy.

Our seminar will focus on practical steps you need to take to manage the process of termination or redundancy. We will also discuss the potential risks (unfair dismissal and general protections claims) to your organisation and the steps you can take to minimise that risk, as no one wants to end up the subject of a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation, or on the receiving end of a Fair Work dismissal claim.

This session will benefit HR Managers, Small Business owners and Managers.

MUST BOOK BY 18th October 2019 to secure the early bird discount. Use the discount code EARLY to apply the early bird discount.

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