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Hooper Family Lawyers offers expert services, advice, and advocacy in all aspects of family law.

Family law encompasses the law governing family and domestic relationships; including Divorce, issues arising from relationship breakdown, financial issues on separation, financial protection during cohabitation or in contemplation of marriage, surrogacy, separated co-parenting arrangements and child custody and protection from family violence.

The family law applies to married or de facto couples, including same sex couples.

Family law is a dynamic area of practice, constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of the society it serves. However, the dynamic nature of family law has also led to complexity which underscores the importance of ensuring you have the best family lawyer in Brisbane on your side.

Our service to you is holistic, and resolution focused. We understand the importance of providing practical and accurate advice, tailored to your needs and budget, with an emphasis on preserving family relationships moving forward to the greatest extent possible.

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