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Our main office is located in Pottsville, Northern NSW supported by our archaeologists in Brisbane and Newcastle.

Our team has extensive experience throughout Australia and overseas in the investigation, assessment and management of archaeological sites and cultural landscapes. We work with local communities, commercial clients and statutory agencies to develop effective solutions and positive heritage outcomes for each project.

Our interdisciplinary team, affiliations and technical partnerships allow us to match each project with the necessary academic skills, professional experience and local expertise.

Our heritage advice and reports are prepared by experienced professionals and communicated clearly balancing statutory reporting and legislative requirements, client needs and community expectations.

We believe that heritage is integral to community well being and identity, the valued stories, places and material culture that we pass down to future generations.

Cultural heritage management and archaeological investigations play an important part in recording, assessing and interpreting material culture, stories and places that are valued by communities as part of their heritage and history.

It is our privilege to work as archaeologists with clients and communities to develop assessments and investigations which not only comply with regulatory requirements but also recognise the links between people and place, providing ethical and practical heritage outcomes.

Contact Information
Phone: 02 6676 4354