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AirPhysio is short for Airway Physiotherapy, and the company started in 2016 with a dream of helping people with respiratory conditions like Asthma, Bronchiectasis, COPD and Cystic Fibrosis. We understood that many people suffer from these conditions and natural therapy devices, although available, were relatively unknown and outdated.

We went about to develop a new and improved version of the current devices in the market. After talking to many medical professionals and people with these conditions, we realised that although the current devices were effective, not everyone with the conditions could use these devices and many people didn’t fully understand their condition or what was happening with their lungs. Because of this, we researched many of these conditions and put together both medical papers and simplified information about these specific conditions, what was happening and which current treatments are working and which require additions support from OPEP devices like the AirPhysio device to help turn back the decline of lung function in respiratory conditions.

We have since gone on a campaign of helping people to gain a better understanding of their condition and how to treat them better. This included appearing on the US and international TV show Modern Living with Kathy Ireland, 7 News and many other media with the goal of empowering people to help them change their lives.

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Phone: 07 3535 0640