Future of Business Decision Making and Planetary Ethics – FREE 3 DAY Research Retreat Workshop

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Accommodation and meals provided free of charge for 12 participants.

For more information, contact Mahi 0406 305 083 or m.paquette.10@student.scu.edu.au.

Short video introduction:

Summary approved by SCU ethics department:
Seeking DECISION-MAKERS of businesses with 2 to 200 employees to participate in a free 3-day (48hrs) research retreat as part of a PhD research project (SCU) called: “Planetary ethics and decision-making in Small and Medium-Sized businesses (SMEs)”.

Invitation sheet and Expression of Interest sheet will be sent on request via emailing m.paquette.10@student.scu.edu.au

This research is aiming at gathering credible findings for deeper understanding and more applicable support, for small and medium businesses (SMEs) moving into the fast changing future.

*The researcher understands that it is difficult to find the time to join a 3 day retreat (48hrs) as a business owner. Here is why it matters so much to this research: Based on the scientific literature sustaining policy making/changes, there is a reason for this methodology to be chosen, as it has shown relevant and practical impacts following previous studies with retreat settings. A retreat context is associated with a profound inquiry about the needs of SMEs (in opposition to quick surveys), which may become relevant to justify subsidies, training, etc.
**Dates of the research retreat to be confirmed with Expression of Interest sent to the email address. Between the end of November to mid-December is the aim, but January is also an option.

Full details:

I am seeking Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs – business of up to 200 employees) decision-makers (owners, directors, General Managers, CEOs, CFOs) from the private sectors (e.g. retail, hospitality, professional services, industry) to participate in a research retreat as part of my PhD research project: “Planetary ethics and decision-making in Small and Medium-Sized businesses (SMEs)”.

This research focuses on the perspectives and priorities of decision-makers for SMEs in association to the several planetary futures investigated in science. This is in an attempt to understand the different perspectives, limitations, challenges and preferences of decision-makers. The future of humanity on Earth will be discussed in depth as part of the activities about planetary ethics, decision-making and the future of SMEs. The research also hopes to understand the potential benefits of collective activities and discussions to accelerate desired changes that match each person’s business purpose and goals in a short to mid-term future.

Participants will take part in the following activities:

  • Short preparation requiring writing of half a page (approx. 400 words).
  • A residential workshop (accommodation, meals and refreshments free of charge) that includes group discussions, short lists-writing, playful activities, crafting of a 4D mapping tool and sharing of personal and work perspectives and priorities on the topics of needs, values and decision-making for SMEs entrepreneurs. (3-day workshop – 48hours, e.g. Friday 12pm to Sunday 12pm – Accommodation for 2 nights, meals and refreshments included).
  • 3 follow-up individual interviews for the three following months (Approx. 30min. each).
  • A final group discussion of up to 2 hours to be held in a conference room of the Gold Coast campus of Southern Cross University six months after the initial residential workshop.