The Office of the Cross-Border Commissioner are thrilled to announce the approval of two border projects under the NSW Cross Border Commissioner’s Infrastructure Fund (CBCIF) – Mungindi Recreation Area Upgrade and the Queensland Airports NSW Southern Entryway project.

Both the projects, from Round 1 of the the CBCIF, are located on the QLD border and will provide infrastructure for the benefit of both NSW and QLD residents.

On the banks of the Barwon River, the Mungindi Recreation Area has become an increasingly popular stop-off for travellers seeking free-camping, and bringing business and tourism benefits to the community. This project is a $480,000 upgrade to the area, including $184,000 from the CBCIF, to install an irrigation system, barbecue shelters, solar lighting and a pathway along the waterfront to access prime fishing spots.

The second funding recipient, Queensland Airports Limited, will receive $375,000 for the completion of the design phase for the NSW Southern Entryway project at Coolangatta.
The design phase proposes the construction of an intersection on the Gold Coast Highway, and will serve as a second accessway within NSW, to provide immediate and safe access to NSW traffic, reducing congestion and the need to take a longer route via the Queensland side of the border.

The Cross-Border Commissioner’s Infrastructure Fund provides collaborative opportunities with other states to ensure our cross-border communities don’t miss out on much needed local infrastructure.

Projects must be located in local government areas of NSW and neighbouring jurisdictions which are adjacent to a NSW border. Such projects may include improving electricity supply, developing telecommunications, accessing water supply or providing social and sporting infrastructure, all with the intention to grow and support our border regions.

Keep your eyes peeled for Round 2 of the Commissioner’s Infrastructure Fund.

Image: Adam Marshall MP with Mungindi Fishing Club members Lyn James and Gary Trindall

Article source: NSW Cross-Border Commissioner newsletter