This year BEATS 2018 will offer entry into 17 categories through the NSW Business Chamber Entry Portal.

Eight of these categories will also align with the NSW Business Chamber regional and state awards. That means, if you’re a winner of that category, then you’ll receive automatic entry into the NSW Business Chamber regional awards!

The People’s Choice Award is held outside the portal and we’ll update you on voting options for that before the end of May.

Update: Entry portal and People’s Choice nominations have been extended until 22 June.

Please note that answers submitted through the entry portal should relate the last 12 months of business operation


  1. Your entry won’t begin to autosave until the registration
    section had been completed.
  2. Only use the provided URL for registration
    The BEATS logo must be at top of page.
  3. Temporary business details can be added in
    registration and edited later (before submission of entries preferred).
  4. Business performance & financial details are not required and are optional.
  5. You can enter more than one category. However, answers to each category
    entry should relate to the category you are entering.

Further assistance and help is provided by the
NSW Business Chamber by calling 1300 139 910


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